Do you think an office pet is good for team productivity?

Aava Milla
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Aurora Maggio
I think yes, in the long period. In the short maybe you can lose a bit of time, but the motivation and the mood of the people in the office seems to improve
Vaibhav Taneja
yes yes!!!!!!! By bringing pets to work, employees can feel more at ease and more focused on their work, improving not only their stress levels but their productivity levels as well.
Tom Gould
That can boost your productivity for sure and I'm really sorry that we work with remotely and can't afford to do such a campaign. It would have been really cool.
Depends of it's behavior... And cuteness :DD It can be a nice thing for pets and their owners. Although, I know some people who were feeling unpleasant and under a pressure to speak with a pet or to cuddle it... I also had a situation when we had to look after a pet while it's owner is on a 1h break. It was a dog who howled whole 1h until the owner came back, so basically we were all forced to take 1h of an unpleasant break :DD But it was fun XD
Nick Bess
We tried having pets at the office and it was a great experience. I personally found the pets to be good stress relievers. Moreover, I learned many things about these pets. The article here provided me with some helpful info.