Do you think AI-based copywriting tools are useful to speed up content creation?

Giorgio Malvermi
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I know certain tools help you with your spelling or rephrase your sentences in a clearer format. My question here is: can they also boost idea generation and reliably give you ready-to-use copy?


Mohammad Mohiuddin
The quality of content also depends on how you use it. You can't just throw in a machine-generated article and expect it to go viral. Writers use AI-powered tools to improve their writing skills and get rid of online content publishing bottlenecks. P.S: The above comment was generated by But it was refined and edited to make sense.
I've used a lot of them, including Actually useful for idea generation and wording suggestions. I used it for blog outlines as well. Ready-to-use copy not so much, although you get pretty good results sometimes. To answer your question, I'd say definitely yes.
Kasper Kerem
So-and-so. Depends on your audience and your context.
Talia Bender
Hi Giorgio! I use to help create snippets of text pretty often. I am the only marketer on my team and I find that it saves me lots of time in creating social media posts and copy within our monthly newsletter as well. I agree with the other comments here that the text is best when edited a bit. At this point, I haven't found it to be particularly helpful for creating lengthier content, but I am sure in the next few years it will evolve to be able to do this quite well 😊
Shavin Peiries
I think of it as something that I can bounce ideas around with when I have a problem. So mostly idea generation.
Maxwell Davis
I was wondering this too - I've found them really repetitive so far in terms of what they generate.
Fabian Maume
Yes AI-power tool like CopyAI are really good to support idea generation. They are specially adapted to iterated on short copies like headlines.
Je pense que ça peut nous aider en nous donnant une idée plutôt claire de ce que l'on veut dire, comment avoir ce "wow effect". Par exemple, lors de notre visioconférence Verticalls, nous utilisons la retranscription. Ca nous aide à savoir quels arguments ont le mieux fonctionnés et comment réutiliser les plus pertinents ou encore les reformuler pour les prochains meeting.
I think it can help us by giving us a pretty clear idea of what we mean, how to have that "wow effect". For example, in our Verticalls video conferencing, we use retranscription. It helps us to know which arguments worked best and how to reuse the most relevant ones or reformulate them for the next meeting.
Yes of course. A great example is surferseo
Tanoy Chowdhury
I have used a few AI writing tools. They do help to some level, but I don't think they have advanced to the stage where I can use the AI generated copy as is.
Elena Cirera
Yes, they are; but copywriting still needs a lot of human creativity.