Do you think a MySpace-like level of user customisation of their profile would have a place in 2022?

Samkelo Drackner
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Recently, I've been getting a lot of 2007 nostalgia videos on YouTube. It seems, to me, there is a need for self-expression that current social media platforms aren't really giving their users. Sites like VSCO, which provide a certain level of creativity to their users, seem to be growing very steadily. While giants like Facebook and Instagram, seem to be slowly losing relevance with the younger generation. So do you think that a website like MySpace or early YouTube could succeed in today's market?


That's how Tik Tok became so popular. It gives tools to young creators. However, one big change: while in MySpace you needed to code, add custom HTML, CSS, I think modern websites can't require those technical skills anymore. Rather drag-n-drop, no-code solutions, that are super easy to use
Davor Kolenc
Ah, the good old times :) Discord weirdly reminds me of that. I know it's different, but when you open your own server and get to customize it and then the community starts interacting with it... it's magical xD