Do you remember your first launch day?

Toni King
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I was nervous at first. Would anyone even respond? Will my comments even make sense after a mostly sleepless night? But surprisingly the day has been invigorating and I am loving it. No wonder PH has such an involved community! Did you feel the same?


Qudsia Ali
Yes, I launched my product a few days ago. I remember how nervous and excited I was. At the start, my product was at the 9th position, but I kept myself calm, then it gradually jumped up and eventually landed on the #1 position. There were many feelings, I learned a lot from the entire process.
Toni King
@qudsia_ali There really is a lot to learn! Do you think you'll do it again?
David J. Kim
Yup, one of the most memorable moments in a founder's journey.
Rich Watson
Haven't launched yet but coming up soon in next 2-3 months I hope!! Very excited to see how it will turnout.