Do you prefer working on a 9-5 scheme? Or flexible hours?

Martina Hackbartt
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Hey, there! So the other day a friend of mine told me she preferred working 9-5 because it's the only way she can truly disconnect from work after her working hours are over. However, I usually prefer working flexible hours, since there are different times in the day in which I find myself more productive for the different things I need to get done. Maybe I am not truly disconnecting from work, but until now it hasn't been an issue. What do you think? What do you prefer and why? (P.S: I usually post discussions and share articles on productivity and work-life balance on this LinkedIn group, maybe it's useful to you! )


Luka Vasic
Flexible all the way. I work in marketing and sales so I use a lot of creativity, but I don't always have inspiration. Flexible time gives me the opportunity to work when I'm inspired and not sit for 8 hours banging my head on the keyboard trying to come up with new ideas.
@luka_vasic same.. I'm sometimes just staring at my screen and can't think of anything for the animations I need to make. I just go for a walk while thinking of something and by the time I'm back home, I already have an idea for the designs and animations.
Flexible hours definitely. 9 to 5 is massively overrated IMO and the only reason to keep this schedule is office hours and needing everybody to be physically in sync. With distributed work becoming popular, especially for people in tech, that changed massively this past few years. To the point where companies enforcing a 5 day work week on a 9-to-5 schedule lose talent. I can get where your friend is coming from. That mainly happens because people require synchronous connection outside working hours. I always politely refuse every time asks to jump on a call. And usually keep calls limited to 1,2 per day.
Adriel Cruz
Flexible hours, since I work part-time and do freelance at the same time. With flexible hours I can do anything at any time as long as I finish it on time.
Hi Martina, I work on a 9-5 scheme, which in my case is 7-3. (afternoons and evenings usually occupied by private activities). The nice thing about flexible working hours is that you can easily get something done in the middle of the day that you can't get done in the evening.
Nabeel Amir
I prefer flexible hours. It allows me to improve my productivity and provide better results.
Zifa Sadriyeva
I prefer 9-5 as a logical construct. Flexibility is good also, it does mean one can manage their day as they need it. Share your thoughts in our poll in Growth discussions: Do you think you get sufficient profit margin on your products?
Justin Alb
Flexible always!!! As I find myself on workation almost all the time - flexible hours is a must for me. And by flexible I mean that I can still work 9-5 some days, but then there are different days - when I just can't come up with new ideas, or do any technical stuff. I feel like I'm working more using 9-5 technique, but at the same time nobody is forcing me to keep up with this every day. ✌
Martina Hackbartt
@justin_ratepunk Sounds really good! Could you tell us a bit more about your workations?
Reece Jones
I like to have the flexibility to create my work hours. But I still like to stick to a schedule. So I wouldn't be a fan of, say, working from 1-2, 4-7 and 8-9 because that's when things come up. But I would love working from 1-5, taking a break, then working from 7-10.
As I'm working as a freelancer, I prefer flexible all the way.
Jareer Samad
9-5 is just a construct created over the years to demarcate work and life. But flexible working hours in this day and age wins.
Ramon Devils
Adaptable hours, since I work parttime and do independent simultaneously. With adaptable hours I can do anything whenever as long as I finish it on schedule. I favor adaptable hours. It permits me to work on my usefulness and give better outcomes.