Do you prefer to be a freelancer or an employee?

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And why ?


it depends on the advantages offered by the employment contract and the salary compared to the potential freelance earnings
@fares_aktouf Yes, of course, but there is also the question of hierarchy, if we want to be totally independent or if we prefer to be structured by a superior in our tasks
@enola_vedovotto I agree with you. but when we work as a freelancer are we not under the hierarchy of the client? I think it depends on our personality and our ability to impose freedom in our tasks. but it is clear that in general it is a bit simpler when you are on your own
I can say that freelancing brings maybe more joy & freedom as you are usually picking up just what you are truly into, the nearest focus... But it requires a lot of time to search for such tasks and jobs, whereby usually nothing is on a long term... I like being an employee, I like having my team and a certain field of projects and tasks on which I can be focused for some longer period.. ^_^
Paul VanZandt
I prefer an employee, but the budget doesn't always allow for that. For this reason, you need to be able to rely on freelancers to provide good content/work when you need it.
@paul_vanzandt Totally agree There is also the comfort of being employed, it is to be sure to have the salary at the end of each month and the same amount. In freelance, it depends on the contracts we get but it allows a greater freedom on the work choices
Inam from Outgrow
freelancer, it's trendy now & also you learn a lot.
Maya Ben Zid
As much as i acknowledge the benefits of freelancing, being an employee allows you to commit to one project without worrying about constant client search, self-promotion, and other concerns freelancers always deal with. Also, in my experience, freelancers rarely get to work on large-scale challenging projects whereas, as an employee, you can oversee something from start to finish and learn a ton in the process. On the flip side, a degree of flexibility is inevitably lost.