Do you prefer having videos on PH's launches? What are some things you like and dislike on videos?

Martina Hackbartt
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Hi, hunters! So, our team is brainstorming on a potential video for our PH launch. I've been watching many sample ones from other products, and I have some ideas of what I like and what not so much. I think it should be short, dynamic, and not very informative: just show a glimpse of what the product is about and the value it can offer to users. What are your thoughts? Do you like it to be informative? Do you prefer it voiced or with music? Let's brainstorm together!


Rucha Joshi
Short and dynamic is definitely the way to go with a clear glimpse into how the product helps the user. Screen grabs from the product can come up in the rest of the gallery images. So excited to see what you have been building. When are you launching?
Martina Hackbartt
@rucha_joshi8 Hey, Rucha! Thanks for sharing your thoughts :) we still do not have a set date, but we're planning around a month from now!
I think videos are mostly overkill. Would be nice if this could be A/B tested, but I think a good first image can have as much impact as a video. Maybe even more. Without all that effort. I'm curious if people actually watch those intro videos. I skip to the second image 90% of the time. Might be different for others.
Martina Hackbartt
@stelian_dobrescu1 This is a different pov to the ones I've been reading so far! But it made me think: I do watch like the first 10 secs of a video, and most of the times (unless I'm really engaged) I skip to the first image. Thanks for sharing!
"I think it should be short, dynamic, and not very informative: just show a glimpse of what the product is about and the value it can offer to users." Agree. And I like when videos are funny. Does too much detail make you turn off?
Martina Hackbartt
@w_j Yes, I'd say that I prefer details to be in different images or even a description. As I see it, we are usually interested in particular (and different) things about a product. So, with images, I can skip those features that don't really interest me and go straight to read about those that do. What do you think?
@martina_hackbartt Same here. Video: what the product is about told "lightly". Images/description: features and other details. Thank you Martina for posting your question. :)
Talia Bender
Echoing what others said -- short and dynamic is definitely the way to go. With this in mind, video content always receives the most engagement, so when it's done well it can be really impactful. For the launch, I would say the video should be less informative and more promotional and energetic. However, informative tutorials on-site can be extremely useful for retaining users and making sure they get the most value from your product.
Carlo Thissen
Absolutely! Our philosophy is to focus more on a nice emotional experience so they are entertaining and fun to watch. All rational information can be efficiently communicated via text. Here's our take on launch videos :)
Martina Hackbartt
@carlo_thissen Hi Carlo! I 100% agree, and you made such a fun video for your launch! Thanks for sharing :)
Lucia Liu
I do enjoy fun and entertaining videos, allows me to see how the product works in action, preferably under 2 minutes.
Moritz Kaiser
For me it's more about, do they have a video. If they do it's kind of a plus point but i won't even watch most of it, as I just quickly click through the images and build an impression of the product. So I guess having a video helps, as I won't give a product less attention or a negative review for having a video (unless it's really worthless). But very interesting question, hadn't really though about it this way before, thanks for making me introspect.
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Mia K
I believe videos give more personality and you can actually showcase your product, as opposed to using just pictures. In my opinion, videos are more appealing than text-based web sites because they attract attention better, and even if they're not really good quality, they will still make more people notice you than any other type of advertising!
Martina Hackbartt
@miakiraki Hi, Mia! I agree! Thanks for sharing :)
Brittany Joiner {Britt the Builder}
I don't always watch the videos, but it totally depends. If your product can make sense based on pictures, then I'm happy to scroll through pictures and read the description then go to your site and learn more. If the concept is kinda vague, I'll watch part of the video until I understand it.
Jason Cavness
I think you have to have a video.
Roman Vorozhtsov
Hi Martina. I think the video should be short and show only the main pain and how you help to close it.
Jonas Schaller
The best videos i have seen on here are the videos of Contra: I hate it when there is a launch video where someone talks about it because usually i watch Producthunt in work where i cant hear audio