Do you plan your day in advance or do you prefer going with the flow?

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Anastasiia Holiachenko 🇺🇦
Hi! That's an interesting question. It depends on the day. In case I know that there is a lot of stuff to do, I will plan my day by minutes, for sure. But, sometimes, I will just go with the flow and enjoy the process (usually the weekend).
Shushanik Shahbazyan
Yep, I like to plan everything, otherwise, I can't manage my tasks
@shushanik_shahbazyan glad that works for you!
Irina Heinz
I prefer to plan everything in advance. But there can be a flow in the order of preplanned tasks. 😁
Satyendra Sahani
I plan my work every morning with time commitment for each and every work.
Joris Falter
I decide the night before 3 or 4 things I want to achieve the next day.
Aatishi Sachdeva
I try to plan my day but it doesn't turn out the way I want it to so prefer going with the flow.
Vaibhav Kapoor
If you have seen the movie "Parasite", there is this very interesting quote, "We make plans, then they don't happen, and then it hurts. If there will be no plan, there will be no pain", but I am not saying that we should never make a plan :-P I go for the 50/50. I plan out my day in a way that top priority tasks are done first. Then rest of the day goes with the flow :-)
Vaibhav Kapoor
@alexandra_kazakova2 Wow! And it's all good in that way no?
Alexandra Kazakova
@vaibhav_mapup Yes. I used to fanatically plan every day of my life, allocating time in my calendar for each activity. Now I honestly dont care :) I have deadlines from my clients and I make sure that those deadlines are met. I typically dont work with pushy clients who follow up every day and want to get status update.
Vaibhav Kapoor
@alexandra_kazakova2 You are doing brilliant! Life is not as complicated as we think, and have made somehow. Keep up the simplicity of life and enjoy to the fullest. Take care!
Tytti Sandström
It depends. Usually i start my day with planning and goal setting but if i have a lot of things going on, I need to plan further ahead. And vice versa, if only a little, I might go with the flow :)
Saqib Ali
Hey, yeah that's something I've been trying my best as a part of my new year resolutions. What I do normally is I create a list of important tasks for the day that I can't miss and send that list to myself via Slack chat. This really helps me keep track of all the activities.
Alexandra Kazakova
@saqib301 Have you tried slackbot reminders? I love those
Saqib Ali
@alexandra_kazakova2 Oh yes I have tried them, and they're very helpful for me too!
Alexandra Kazakova
Tried both approaches and both work equally well for me, depending on my mood, my productivity, and motivation. I try not to force myself to do anything and approach every project, task, or activity with curiosity and a fresh mind. To-do lists and task lists tend to bring excitement down and do not leave room for improvisation.
Şevval Çavdar
My advise as a student who prepares for uni exams is plan something for managing things but never forget to breathe in sometimes. The best plans are those found in confusion.
Alexandra Kazakova
@caralunes Couldnt agree more! The recent tendency to plan everything and make life look like an army roaster - diminishes the very meaning of living that is supposed to be exploration, curiosity, excitement, surprise, wonders...
Ryan Gilbert
I tend to go with the flow. I do have a few important tasks I'd like to accomplish each day, week, etc. but I don't do any extensive planning around when/how they will get done until I decide to start tackling them.
Alexandra Kazakova
@ryangilbert, I Love people who go with the flow... It seems we are the minority :) Everyone tends to plan everything. When I used to work in corporate, I was putting dinners with my BF, cinema outings with my friends, and even visits to my parents into my calendar. No spontaneity, no surprises, no excitement... I left corporate two years ago and was still doing this for a while (a habit, I guess) before finally breaking free.
Peter Griscom
I always plan in advance and I use Motion to manage my tasks and multiple calendars in order to optimize my day for the ideal return on invested time - which interestingly enough is a metric I recommend tracking in your work and personal life relative to the habits/ activities.
Ezra At ComplYant
A mix of both. I like to have a rough idea of what I need to do for the day, but ultimately, I need to maintain flexibility. Life can throw curveballs!
Sagarika Singh
I always try to pre-plan but then overall life seems to appear as a huge task list :P so i stick to planning my work days but in general things in life i like for it to go with the flow
Mayank Bishwas
Yep, it helps to have a plan for the day. I actually prefer to pull it from the outline of a weekly plan on urgency basis. Weekends are another story though :)
Misha Krunic
Hi! Most of the time, there's a plan for my day. Sometimes it's more, sometimes less detailed. However, I need at least some organizational basis to start my day off right.
Cathy Patalas
Hi ! I always like to plan as I feel it helps me manage my time more efficiently. I like to spend my Sunday afternnon planning the new week and writing all the tasks I want to accomplish that week.
Anu Varila
I usually plan the time slots I go with the flow :D
Arttu Haho
@anu_varila so you have slots in your calendar when you can free ride but other times you follow some kind of plan?
Anu Varila
@arttuhaho I put on the calendar everything that needs to be taken care of on the same day (meetings, urgent tasks etc). Since I do customer work, there are always a lot of ad hocs to do and if i don't have calendar time also for these, I will be in a big trouble :D
Hi! I usually have a basic idea of what I'd like to do for the day but it's never set in stone. I rarely plan my days to the minute to avoid being frustrated.. As we all know that "life happens" and it's quite easy to see your plans disrupted by something you didn't expect. As a developer, I like to plan and keep track of what I have to do in Jira or a tool or the sort. When I start my day I select a few items I think are doable within the time I have. But unless I have a deadline, I don't stress out if I can't finish the tasks I had planned.