Do you outsource or insource product marketing video production?

Brian Nutt
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Mayank Bishwas
We have an amazing in-house set-up and team for graphics! We have tried out outsourcing as well but feel there is always some communication gap/delay to deal with. However, if the volume of requirement is low, outsourcing makes sense.
shaik ikbhal Basha
not sure, may outsource due to lack of knowlege but better to start with small self video then start with video production compa ny/freelancer
Kirman Smith
Creating a video is not just shooting and producing a vivid video sequence. In this segment, there are many conditions, characteristics of a particular process. Marketing forces you to constantly analyze the market, look for an audience, offer a product that is in demand and new. That is why I am paying attention to which is a really trusted solution and effective company that is helping to gain popularity.