Do you need help with SEO?

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Please answer your questions about SEO here, I will try to answer them 😀. About me: I am an SEO expert from Kazakhstan. I usually work with WordPress websites in areas like blogs, news, eCommerce, local business, and others. But usually, I work with projects from the CIS region, and now try to change for English-speaking countries.


Atul Ghorpade
Marketer. SEO. Love to engage.
How to get clients for local SEO? (I'm from India and looking for US/AUS clients.)
At gamerseo, we offer professional SEO
@atulghorpade Try to create a service name + city
Atul Ghorpade
Marketer. SEO. Love to engage.
@gamerseo Sure, thanks.
made in Peru
Do you know about any *positive* SEO communities? (People open to do things together now and then, without obliging anyone.)