Do you need email login for your B2C SaaS?

Peter Kowalczyk
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Hi, for now, we support only 3rd party login Providers (Gmail, Facebook, Github), as email requires much more handling (reset password, activations etc). I wondered if we need email support, as too many people might drop out without simple email logins? Any experience or stats? Do we need an email login?


Pablo Fatas
We added sign in with Google and Apple and most users just sign in through these now a days. As long as you support at least one of the account types that 95% of people have you won’t lose more than 5%
Bartlesenson Ggrooms
It is the very first and most crucial part of the user experience journey where users sign up to create an account on a website or app. Optimizing the sign-up flow is especially important for SaaS businesses to increase conversion.