Do you need a hunter 🤔

Paul VanZandt
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I know PH tells you it's "not important" to get your product hunted by someone else - but it's hard to think that doesn't help. Would you suggest getting an external hunter and, if so, how would you contact them?


Nicole Ogloza
I would try to make friends on this site and not try to ask them directly. If you hit it off with someone that is hunting in the community, try to give them great feedback so that they can notice you, and then try to go about it on linkedin to get to them! Hope this helps!
Paul VanZandt
@nicole_ogloza This is definitely a good tip - organic conversation is the best way to find compatibility.
Bogomil Shopov - Bogo
If the product is right, maybe the hunter will find you :)
Paul VanZandt
@bogomep A good product trumps all
Fabian Maume
I have already answered a similar question: Hunters are still nice to have but you can launch without. is the best place to find one.
Paul VanZandt
@fabian_maume Thanks for the link Fabian, I'll check it out!