Do you measure your productivity?

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If yes, how do you measure? What tools or approaches you take?


Fıratcan Doğan
Kinda we audit weekly time spent on task topics, but we don’t track any KPI for productivity 🤙🏻
Akriti Vyas
When your mind says, "Dude, today you did it all that you had planned yesterday," means you have a great productive day. No tool is required to measure productivity!
I currently don't measure my productivity but will be implementing a system over the next week or so, so that I can measure it
@janinah How you gonna measure it?
@rdnckky I'm thinking to use a habit tracker, so will track all the habits I do that lead to productivity. Plus, better metrics with my projects, so I know how close I am to working on them
Alesa Evon
I'm software engineer I need to measure my productivity,
David Green
Not yet, but would love to learn how to measure it and improve it since I've started working on I want to know my progress.