Do you love checklists?

Oleg Bovykin
4 replies
I love checklists and use them all the time. From simple shopping lists til complex product launch steps. In life, work, hobby etc. Do you like checklists? What was your last checklist?


Daniil Okhlopkov
I create checklists in Notes (the default macOS app) when I plan my day. It is so satisfying to tick when something done.
Oleg Bovykin
@okhlopkov The only thing with more satisfiying effect is crossing out items on paper. How do you think, are checklists great format to share information and knowledge in general?
Sandra Djajic
I'm a big fan of checklists! I use them on for sub-tasks inside of my main tasks - it's super satisfying to tick off the things I've done.
Oleg Bovykin
@inesfenner Ah yea! By the way, do you see checklists as not only tasks - subtasks tracker?