Do you have data in one place? What challanges did you face getting it?

Lior Barak
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Hi makers! I wanted to ask you how did you prepare for the big day and the day follow regarding data, how did you collect data, where did you store it? How did you monetize and still monetizing your user acquisition? I am looking to learn before I finalize my opinion about a product MVP I was working on, any help, follow up questions or extra information will be helpful here


Which is hard enough no matter what, but is made considerably more difficult if each of those things is managed from a completely different place than the rest. Having one database for your client records, one for your inventory, and another for your marketing and/or sales data means constantly leapfrogging from one space to the next.
Lior Barak
@perez_daniel Which systems do you run? Do you have centerlized data infrastructure?