Do you have any mentor for your career journey?

Erdy Suryadarma
2 replies
Just want to explore your thought on mentorship. Because for me, I have a mentor during my career & personal development. And to pay it forward, I also have several mentees now. Do you see mentoring as important on your journey? Is there any mentoring platform that you find useful?


I see it as important, but I tend to use an inform group of trusted friends that help me out. I see them as frequently as I need to keep be on track
Mentors have come and gone for me personally, as it typically depends on what 'season' my life / what I am currently working on is at. Typically a mentor will come organically either as someone interested in what I am doing, was a potential client/customer that took interest, or someone in my personal network that enjoyed seeing the growth I know some have a general 'life+business+etc' mentor that has succeeded in many ways and has the ability to give valuable and worthwhile advice in all aspects of life, but I haven't had the opportunity to meet someone like that *yet*