Do you have a side hustle? If yes, then what is it?

Qudsia Ali
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More and more people have started working on a side hustle. And money is one of the primary motivators behind it, but what else could be the reason other than money or passion. Please share what side hustle you have and why you started it?


Rich Watson
daytrading and also our service is for the retail trader, we get newcomers almost on a daily basis wanting to learn. most don't want to put in the time so they use our signal/alert service to know what to trade and when to buy/sell. but the ones who do put in the time and motivation to learn, which they can for free, they turn out to be successful traders- not needing our signal service to place trades.
Qudsia Ali
Interesting. Can you share how you started working on it?
Roberto Morais
I built Percival, a fair, light and scalable tool for individual performance appraisals in teams, with a friend almost two years ago and we keep growing it slowly (currently on $2000 MRR) while creating new products on the side. If you are curious you can check it here:
Qudsia Ali
@robertomorais Wow, that seems interesting. I am very much in to employee management, appraisal and rewards. Would love to know more about your product.
Roberto Morais
@qudsia_ali I've look at BRAVO a few days ago. It seems very interesting. I will reach out to you on twitter.
Denis Pimenov
Money is not always a good motivator. A good motivator can be a person's desire to find out the limit of their physical and mental capabilities. I wonder if I can handle it? Will I break? Also, a good motivator is the presence of a goal towards which a person has been going for many years. A side job is welcome, if possible.
Photography, which led me to start on Hubspot free CMS. I've learned there's not a lot of money to be made selling microstock, and people don't buy prints unless you're a big name, so I've decided to help other photographers learn the craft and find the best locations.
Bhavna Singh
I have started blogging about the mental awareness, trying to break the stigma attached to it. I am also building something in the same space.