Do you have a lot of great content "on the shelf" and always wondered what to do with it?

Korbinian Riener
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Hi Product Hunt, We have been working with some great creators and we often see that they have a lot of content already that they do not use. What do you guys think? We always encourage people to use and sell what is already there. Thanks for your feedback


Fabian Maume
That is a good idea. Keeping track of all content assets is quite challenging. I think there is also a lot of room for content repurposing with tools like Missinglettr V3 and QApop.
Vanshika Chaturvedi
Yes, this happens a lot of times when we have some really good content but we are not sure if we have enough audience to present that "good content" The fear that a really good piece of content will fall flat on the face and go "waste" makes us keep it on the shelf for a while.