Do you have a consistent approach for determining the right features to build next?

Junior Owolabi
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I’m researching the struggles Product Managers (like myself) go through to determine the right features to build next. I’m trying to develop a process (and SaaS platform) to help PMs consistent discover and Prioritise the right features to build next. I’ve looked into Teresa Torres’s opportunity solution tree, feature Prioritisation frameworks, design thinking process, customer interviews, qualitative/quantitative research, etc. Aspects of them have been considered and integrated in the platform, all to provide a more structured approach to fulfilling the needs of customers. for more info:


James Abechi
If the following questions can be answered at every point in time you should know the right feature to build next for your products. Why does the company exist? Who are the customers for your product? and why are they buying you product?
Junior Owolabi
PM, Developer and Founder @ PrepxUs
@james_abechi1 it was meant to be somewhat rhetorical, what the statement should have been is: I’m developing a process to more consistently discover and prioritise the right features to build next