Do you find it challenging to talk to your users?

Abylay Keldibek
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One of the problems I faced when I had my first users on []( is that I didn’t have any way to talk to them. Like getting feedback on using the product, asking them questions about what they want from it, and sharing some tips on how to use some features. Does anyone have the same problem? If yes, how did you solve it?


Nabeel Amir
Online surveys may be an excellent approach to collect qualitative and quantitative information from your consumers. They're an excellent place to start when conducting user research to learn more about the individuals who use your product or service.
Abylay Keldibek
@nabeel_amir What kind of solutions you can suggest to use for surveys?
I did not feel that way when conducting interviews with our users and first adopters, because I thought about it in this way - they already use our product, they already came to us knowing that we are new, so they are probably our "friends" and would love to help back, especially since our startup provides them with such an emotionally supportive method. Also, I think it is kind of cool for users to talk to founders, I believe that for them it allows to feel the true impact they create on our job and mission, this is who we do it for!
Abylay Keldibek
@konstantin_sharespace What kind of tool did you use to contact users? Or you just reached to them via email?
@abylay_keldibek Hey1 Yes, we reached via email and arranged a confidential (no video / name chosen by the user) consensual call where I could ask some questions about their experience
Saif Ullah Khalid
I think everyone finds this process extremely challenging.
Abylay Keldibek
@saif_ullah_khalid and how do you approach to this task? Have you used any services that help with that?
Guillaume Mathieu
Although it might not be relevant to all products, what we did is that right after the launch of our beta, we teamed up with another startup and organized a PR event (rented a public space did some announcements on social media,...). Throughout these 2 days, around 100 families came and we were able to pitch, discuss, get some downloads... But the most valuable part was that we could SEE in live people download and use our app. This let us catch problems and insights we had not imagined and would have been impossible to get with just using analytics or a survey.