Do you feel the Product Hunt mobile App can be better?

Kapil Gadhire
4 replies
I am almost addicted to PH since a few weeks. But the app doest have all the features that the web version has, and I constantly feel the app can have more features, data, and better UI/UX. Do you all feel the same, or it's just me?


I think PH is pretty solid. I use the desktop version at the moment. I'm always on the side of keeping things simple. many features can be a downside sometimes. Having said this, life evolves every day and there always things to improve/make better when you launch a product it's part of the journey :)
Kapil Gadhire
@jessie_m Sorry while editing the questions and making it concise I missed mentioning 'mobile app' (edited now). Yes, I love the web version and pretty happy with it too :)
Maxwell Davis
Yeah the App can be much better - especially on interacting with the forums