Do you eat breakfast?

Galia Ben David
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I was shocked to find out that so many people in my office are skipping breakfast! I cannot concentrate if I am hangry before lunch. Do you eat breakfast? If so, what do you eat?


Rachel Levitz
Same! First things first - food. Eggs usually are the best!
Keren Brickman
Sometimes! It definitely helps me to eat eggs in the morning.
Galia Ben David
@keren_brickman yes! It is known that nutritious foods boost concentration
Alina Ihnatiuk
Sometimes I can just drink tea, sometimes make toast or eggs, sometimes tea with fruits
Ira GI
Coffee and something sweet
Jake Gutstein
Totally agree with the chain ^. Eggs in the morning are the perfect thing to keep me alert but also fill me up
Samantha Becker
Joining the egg crew 😅 easy and delicious!
Most of the time I don't eat breakfast. It's bad, but I really don't feel like eating in the morning. Why does this happen?
I just can't skip breakfast - I get so tired and really low on energy!
Mahak from Outgrow
sometimes it's a full tasty meal but most of the times coffee and nuts. I should have proper breakfast though.
Morning person here ^o^ Breakfast is almost a ritual for me, something to look forward to every night before sleep :) nothing beats a cup of hazelnut latte and a hot sandwich!
Vladimir Demchuk
I'm never skipping breakfast. But my daughters do it regularly and get angry when I reprimand them
Martina Hackbartt
Of course I do! Coffee with plant milk + some bread and fruit :)
Anna Kuzma
I don't. Usually drink green tea in the morning, and later have lunch
Victor David
Yes! It's called café Cubano and it's a lovely dark roast. Later, closer to noon, I eat what I call real breakfast.
Daniel Po
Oh definitely #team_brekkie My favourite breakfast has to be oatmeal porridge with at least 1 kind of fruit, and as winter nears - the more cinnamon the happier I am.
Anna Mandziuk 🇺🇦
Mostly I don't, I substitute breakfast with a large cup of sweet latte:) I found that often when I eat in the morning, I get too sleepy and not very productive
Mikhail Ivanenko
After the gym breakfast with a good coffee are the things to die for))