Did your return from vacation have a real impact on your productivity / motivation?

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When was the last time you took vacations? Where did you go?


Daniel Engels
I took a 4 days break, and it helped a lot for my productivity and motivation.
@daniel_engels Nice ! I'm very happy for you. where was your holiday? (The context not necessarily the geographical location)
Alex Zadorozhin
Not only vacation. Changing activities even on weekends is a good option. Once we needed to buy a table for the children for their studies. But of all the options on the market, none suited us. We spent one Saturday on designing and ordering a cut of sheet material. A few days later we took the order. Another Saturday left for assembly. Because There were no pre-drilled holes, everything had to be drilled by ourselves. So. Every day with a new activity is something great. You are faced with something that you have not done before. You design and embody thought into matter. Even the memories of such days motivate to do something more useful than watching TV.
Qudsia Ali
Yes, leaving a place where we have been for a long time relaxes our minds and improves our productivity. I went to my home country four months ago.
@qudsia_ali This is even more true when it is a destination that is a resource.
Aneeq Naeem
I do take a trip to some recreational place a week before starting my exams. It really helps in freshen my mind.
Michael Silber
Longer vacations can be helpful because it makes it easy to come back to a blank slate — only the most important tasks come back. When you're only gone for a weekend or a short trip, it's really easy to hold onto your old task list, but after a week or two of vacation it becomes clear what is not necessary for the business. This is why I like to regularly delete tasks older than 3 months from the backlog as a PM. If someone doesn't feel strongly enough to add it back in, it probably shouldn't be a priority.
Jennifer Guerra
I went to my home country, it definitely motivated me as I got the chance to see my family and meet some old friends. It also gave me some time to think about what my priorities would be for the upcoming month
Nevena Sofranic
Previous studies showed vacation increases productivity, but the real question we should be asking is about how mindful we are of our needs. Our capacity depends not only on taking rest but also at the right time. It's alarming to see so many industry professionals struggling with vacation guilt.
Martina Hackbartt
I took a short 4-5 day vacation (I returned today), and I feel so renewed! I have lots of energy, and I'm feeling much more productive. Apparently, the break was much needed!
Chloé Drolet-Tremblay
Just went on a 2 weeks trip to Singapore. Seriously, this help me forget about things that were happening at my work. It also helps me to just relax and take the time to disconnect my brain. I came back fresh and ready for new challenges!
Alexander Miller
I would say that there is a short-term bad affection on productivity: its always hard to return to working pace:) but definitely helps with motivation
Segun Ketiku
Yes for me, I just came back from a trip and I'm super pumped.
Last year 9 days, impact on motivation. Shorter breaks (three-day weekend) without leaving town, allow me to catch up on current affairs, so that also has a positive effect on motivation :)
Ayesha Akram
It is very difficult for me sometimes to come back from a trip but yes, it helps in refreshing my mind.
Doing nothing even on a long vacation does not really affect my motivation, I return to work almost the same tired, only more sleep))) Whereas even a short trip or a new weekend activity really boosts productivity at work.
Arun Pariyar
Its funny but sometimes it can be energising and sometimes you comeback with feeling of haze.... But at the end of the day I think our work is an important part of our and we should strive to do our best and not get swayed away.
Rosemarie Pilapitiya
Yes it did! I took a few days off for vacation and when I got back, it made an impact on my productivity and motivation as I felt quite burnt out before I went on vacation but when I got back I was very relaxed and could concentrate more on work.
Joanne Hurley
I think it really helps both. It also personally helps me for self-reflection. If I'm not looking forward to going back to work then I try and sit and pinpoint why, then work out what I can change for the better. Sometimes you just get used to over riding feelings day to day to just get stuff done and break maybe puts a spotlight on that.
Tanya Kapoor
Hi @fares_aktouf After every trip, I see a boost in my productivity level. However, it is not only about trips, a slight change in daily routine or a small outing can enhance the motivation and productivity level. What are your thoughts on this?
Utsav Patel
I recently switched and before switching to my new role, I took a break for a week. The goal was to get recharged and rejuvenated. When I get back and started my new job BOOM the productivity and the motivation were on the cloud. After that day, I made a commitment to myself that I must take a break frequently and I highly recommend every one of you as well.