Did your productivity increase/decrease in 2021? How?

Komal Narwani
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2021 was a tough year for everyone... just when you thought Corona was over ... it stayed for a whole added year. Moreover, at the cusp of 2022, we are facing yet another year of the virus and changing schedules. With context switching, hybrid workplaces and constantly changing policies, did you get more or less productive in 2021? Would love to also hear, how?


Adi Bhatnagar
Making Impact | Co-author
Increase 🚀 As mentioned, externally a lot is happening specially 'attention' as a currency. - The 'choice' or making right decisions in the moment helped to be productive with consistency. - Being optimistic and resilient. - Lessen the time allotted to 'BS' category. - Occasionally including a cheat day.
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@adityabhatnagar12 attention as a currency - nice, thanks.
Kesava Mandiga
Writer. Learner. Marketer.
TBH 2021 might just be my most productive year to date. Working remotely and asynchronously has been a blessing, so more time for deep work. A few more reasons that come to mind: - Working with a team that avoids busywork and truly believes in autonomy - Using resource planning tools for myself (Pulse, Float & Resource Guru) - Fewer meetings in general (helps that I can review recordings faster) - No work weekends (as much as possible, still a work in progress)