Did you wait until after your PH launch to share your product on other websites like BetaList?

Haley Johnson
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I found a super useful list of where to launch your beta / product to get your first 100 customers. Some of these include: Betalist, Betabound, Betafy, Killerstartups, Startupbase.io, Techpluto, StartupStash. We're launching on Product Hunt in a few weeks and I'm wondering if posting on these other websites will help or hurt our Product Hunt launch (or neither)? Would love to hear your feedback and experiences!


Matthew Johnson
Betalist and Betafy (and others) take several weeks or months to get posted unless you pay. I would just get started submitting - the more existing users/audience you have the better when you launch.
Maxwell Davis
@mattcrail Yeah would tend to agree - just think about how you funnel the users from those site to PH
Fabian Maume
You can get listed on all of those websites: https://www.producthunt.com/disc... I would also advise you to make a product hunt launch as early as possible. Product hunt allows you to relaunch after 6 months if you have some major product update. So I'm advising any early startup to make a no-frill product hunt launch as soon as possible: https://medium.com/@fabian-maume...