Did you try LinkedIn to attract users? Please share your experience.

Julia Doronina
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Hello everyone! We are planning to include LinkedIn as one of the potential sales and marketing channel and looking for the good cases how to do that. Maybe direct messages or ads or, etc. If you have experience with this social network, we will really appreciate your support and advice. Thanks!


Dawn Veltri
@vedranrasic has a lot of knowledge, tools, and resources for this.
Vedran Rasic
@dawn_veltri1 wow thanks a lot Dawn. Happy to help!
Vedran Rasic
@julia_demyanchuk --allow me to share some resources: 1. Messages for 1st, InMail, Requests, Posts: https://www.producthunt.com/post... 2. LinkedIn For C-Suite and Entrepreneurs: https://www.producthunt.com/post... 3. #1 Top Rated (Chrome Web Store) LinkedIn CRM: https://www.producthunt.com/post... — Depending on your product Ads might be a good short-term strategy. But in all honesty, Optimizing around Content (Personal Branding) and First Degree Connections pays the best dividends. (credentials I've been on LinkedIn for 12 years and I've built 2 SaaS on LinkedIn)
Marina Đurić
LinkedIn is a goldmine for attracting users. Start by building and optimizing your profile. Make the content relevant to your target group. Commenting and engaging on other creators' posts to drive traffic to your profile. Lots of support from users of the platform and resources on how to succeed.
Marina Đurić
Some of the tools I use to get the best out of LinkedIn: For content planning Notion For summarizing blogs Summari here on PH For organizing connections through powerful filters, tags, and notes Lead Delta also here on PH For visuals, Canva or Photoshop Hope it helps!
Yenire leal
Sometimes direct messages can be intrusive if you don't show them an optimized profile. Currently, I am doing tests in different companies evaluating the behavior of the publications, and we noticed certain important factors that have influenced them. 1. Define your goals. What do you want to achieve? 2. Target audience 3. Test content in different formats 4. Consistently engage with your people
Julia Doronina
@yenire_leal thank you, I will try! Do you add a short note before to make a connection with a new person? Or it's useless?
Yenire leal
@julia_demyanchuk You must be smart when it comes to wanting to connect with an ideal prospect. I am going to share some points that have helped me at the time of making that first contact. — You must keep in mind that LinkedIn is not to sell directly, it is a bridge to connect potential clients and have intelligent and precise conversations. — For this first contact, you must do an investigation of the possible client, taking into account their areas of interest, an actionable relationship (a real interest in connecting with them) and a clear and defined call to action. — You must learn to measure. What works and what doesn't, understanding the reason for these responses. — Also analyze the best times to generate this first contact I hope this helps
Gurpinder Singh
Yes LinkedIn is actually a great platform to attract users. You need to post really insightful content there in order to get good engagement and reach more users. Posts with some data, facts, motivation works best there. Other than that, formats like scrollable carousel PDFs and listicles great to include in your strategy to educate and entertain your audience. Organic growth is really good on LinkedIn as compared to other platforms. And for ads, you can try lead generation ads and traffic ads for your business for best results.
Qudsia Ali
According to my studies and experience, LinkedIn is the most effective medium to employ for getting new people to your app or website. Instant credibility is a significant motivator, especially considering that businesses are cautious about who they associate with through their official accounts. Even if the firm is not an official account, there is still credibility in being able to demonstrate an endorsement from one of its workers.
Viktoria Pupazina
For B2B, one of the best social networks is Linkedln. The search for clients on this site is effective because it is specifically designed for professionals. So, to successfully search for clients through the social network LinkedIn, you need to: - competently define the target audience; - to prepare an extensive offer; - design the page in a business style; - focus on search; - choose an appropriate strategy for submitting applications. This is also very relevant for us, and we are working in this direction!
Fabian Maume
Linkedin outreach can work well. this is the workflow I'm typically using: https://fabian-maume.medium.com/... Outreach people active on a specific hashtag is quite interesting to collect feedback about an early-stage product. It is also effective to hire affiliates partners. Using content to nurture leads is also quite easy using MissingLettr: https://fabian-maume.medium.com/...
Innocent Amadi
Direct messages, LinkedIn communities. We helped a bunch of clients get LinkedIn going and communities made all the difference. It isn't very easy to find active communities around your niche, but one or two is usually enough to get the temp rolling. If people love your posts, they'd connect and allow you DM. Also if you ask nicely they could connect you to a few other people.
LinkedIn is the best platform for selling your product whether you are doing free marketing or paid advertising.