Did the founder replace the brand?

Mounir Nejjai
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I feel like I remember the founder's name but not the company... more and more often. Am I alone?


Pablo Fatas
I mean it would make sense to remember a person more than the name of a company especially if you meet them. Have you felt a change in how often this happens with time?
Mounir Nejjai
@pablo_fatas well actually, I see more and more brands impersonated by the founder like Lemlist or Meetedgar (the founder sold a few months ago)... it seems now mandatory to work on the founder's personal brand.
Paul VanZandt
I can't say I fully relate to this, but I haven't been in the game very long so that would make sense. Are there any stark examples of this in your life?
Mounir Nejjai
@paul_vanzandt like I said to @pablo_fatas lemlist and meetedgar... but think of someone like Nathan Latka per example.
Qudsia Ali
Sometimes the founder becomes a bigger brand than the brand itself, and when it does happen, people usually tend to trust and remember the name of the founder rather than the name of the brand.