Developer looking to partner with marketer

krister viirsaar
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Hey! So I'm a dev with 8 years of experience. I've made a whole bunch of products and companies. Some successful, some not. I've noticed that for me and other Indie Hackers, we can do an amazing job at making a product, but since we've devoted our life to coding and product, we can't switch to outbound activities like marketing so well. Are you a marketer? With or without an idea? Would be cool to have make a Discord or something, pitch ideas, launch stuff. Let me know and I'll add you!


Asha Waterhouse
Hi Krister! I'm totally interested in chatting more about marketing and what strategies I'm using to find success. I'm following you, please reach back out when it's opportune to chat more in detail. Asha#3355
Prasad K
Hey krister, Prasad here! I've been helping companies grow for the last 4 years. I would love to chat more about growth marketing strategies. Let's connect sometime when you are free.
Heyy Krister! That's exactly we are working on ! We are a company that improve app’s visibility, promote apps by providing ASO services. We would love the opportunity to partner with you. Please reach out to us by here:
Elizabeth DeOrtega
Hello my name is Elizabeth and very good at coming up with ideas and pitches. I also have some of the PRL on the market right now to use to any way (well almost any way I want) But I am not very good with computers I have SO MANY PRODUCTS THAT I HAVE PAID FOR OVER THE LAST 10 MONTHS I JUST NEED HELP SETTING THEM UP I HAVE SO SOME IDEAS ABOUT WHAT TO DO WITH THE CONTENT JUST NO ONE TO HELP ME SET IT UP. IF YOU LOOK ON HERE YOU WILL SEE WHERE I POSTED ASKING FOR HELP IN RETURN FOR A CUT OF THE PROFITS EARNED
Jamayal Tanweer
Hi Krister - hope you're well. Would love to connect with you!
Interested. If the option is still up, let's talk.