Destroy my resume

Varun Soni
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Greetings everyone, I recently joined this exciting community and have been enjoying reading through the different resources that are available on this platform. I am a business student in my final year of college and I want to get into product management right after graduation. I wanted some early career advise. If there's someone who would be willing to take a mentee please let me know. Additionally, I also want to invite everyone to go through my resume and provide me with some honest feedback. Glad to be a part of this community. Here's the link to my resume


Ruben Gusinovichov
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There are many options, but the most important thing is not to be treated to send it immediately. You can wait a bit, then check it yourself or by a special service You did not know that much resume just do not reach the employers due to the fact that they are not correct? That is why it is necessary to be very related to the concept of choosing words and selection of terms. By the way, in the RESUME GETS service you will easily help with this, you will see. I think that it is necessary to try.