Define community building in five or less words 👇

Sharath Kuruganty
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saif khan
@5harath Organizing is a major way that communities unite.
Felipe Salinas
Giving back before requesting something
A Total Fucking Mystery 2me
Josh C. Kline
1) selling 2) concept 3) of 4) mutual 5) benefit
Joshua Dance
Promoting positive behavior, remove spam
Maxwell Davis
Climbing Mount Everest without Oxygen.....
Make your own tribe.
Hussain Effendi
Promote the motto: WAGMI!!!
Sahil Nagdev
Team bond selfless efforts motivation
Abraham Samma
Add value via meaningful discussions.
Gina Schlatter
Adding value. Happiness-led growth.
Shivi Jalota
Making new members feel at ease
Carsten Pleiser
Help people learn and network
Rick Turoczy
Eliminating single points of failure
Rick Turoczy
Creating connective tissue
Kevin Smith
Give and you shall receive. (Oh wow, I didn't expect to be quoting the bible today :D )
Vanshika Chaturvedi
Co-dependence for mutual benefit
Shiloh Johnson
Listen, learn, take action, repeat
Jenny Sahng
Can bring your whole self 💚