Day 5 at Golden Kitty Awards.
Sharath Kuruganty
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Hey makers! It's the final day for revealing nominations for 3 more categories including the biggest category Product of the Year. Check for details below:
  1. Product of the year
  2. Side project
  3. Product demo video
You have till to vote so pick you fav products and give the community a chance to celebrate them. Find the full set of nominations list for 2021 Golden Kitty Awards here.
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Lots of good choices for Product of the Year, but I can't find anything more interesting than an AI that writes code.
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16-Jan-22 PDT 11.59pm ?
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Excited to see Pause nominated in the Product Demo Video category ✨
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Thanks @5harath for keeping us updated. This is an amazing contest and I enjoy being a part of it! Let's rock together! 🀘
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ll y a Γ©normΓ©ment de choix qui sont tous super utile, difficile de choisir...
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Love the side project category!
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There are so many great products in all three categories. I've been using several of them personally. Best of luck to all the makers!
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