Day 4 at Golden Kitty Awards: Five more categories opened for voting!

Sharath Kuruganty
9 replies
Hey there makers! It's day 4 of GKA celebrations and we have five more categories opened for voting. Pick your fav products:
  1. Health & fitness
  2. Education
  3. E-commerce
  4. Developer tool
  5. Design tool


Kausambi Manjita
Product. People. Poetry.
@5harath what a day! We're excited and revved up .. and stressed out .. and excited.
Ken Savage
The Product Launch Pro
Any more categories being released tomorrow?
Kausambi Manjita
Product. People. Poetry.
@kensavage I think so, the remaining ones
Andrew Kpyto
Digital Marketer at Sembly AI ‍🚀
Nice 👍
Everett Berry
Cloud Costs | Open Source | Angel
The developer tools category though.. so competitive
Kausambi Manjita
Product. People. Poetry.
@everett_berry I see the same fierce competition in nocode!
King EyGy
Design tool
Rukyat Mahadi
I don't like scam projects...
Good project
Zajmujemy się produkcją opakowań.
Good project!