Dating apps

Polina Lyabihova
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Hello, community! Who makes dating apps around here? I would be glad if you could share your experience in analyzing the US market: figures, useful insights, everything you need to know before you enter the US market today.


Bogomil Shopov - Bogo
That usually doesn't come for free :) but I am curious what you are working on and how do you see your value proposition differently compared to what is on the market right now.
Emma Parker
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Max Velin
Take the example of interracial dating. This seems to me to be a very hot topic right now. I know of such a site and it is As anyone can attest, romantic relationships and dating knows no boundaries. It can start anywhere and anyhow, but the beauty of it all is how easily you overcome your insecurities and open up your lives to each other. I always say that love wins everything. Although some people may not remember how fast things run until they fall in love, it somehow happens on its own.
Hello, I am also looking for dating sites now. I still haven't met my love. This worries me. Please help me with advice.
Charles Curious
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Wendy Hatake
Have you tried Tinder? I have tips for you if you want more matches on Tinder, I advise you to start improving your profile photos. First impressions are a must on a dating app. And while you are on at it, you might want to try and review this article about the Tinder experiment that I have read, about having a clean profile background compare to a messy profile background and who among them gains more likes/swipes. You can get ideas and solutions from it to get more matches on Tinder.