Creating a social network and tools for travelers. Your Feedback will be greatly appreciated

Andrew Chau
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Have you ever scrolled past a picture/video of a place you want to visit? But don't know where it is? Hi, I'm Andrew and I am currently building Transitlite. Transitlite at its core is a place where you can find travel inspirations from other travelers and save these pictures/videos into a bucket list. Your Saved pictures/videos in your bucket list will be sorted by location - So you know where to go when you travel! All in all, I am creating a product for travelers to make traveling easier by addressing ignored issues. I understand that we are currently in the midst of the pandemic, however, I am confident travel will bounce back fast when borders open. If you are interested in using the product when it is ready, it would mean a lot if you could leave your email here: I am open to any feedback and would hope some of you will use this product especially when the pandemic is over.
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