Content vs. Link Building: Where is Your Focus?

JD Bhatala
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There has been a long-standing debate in the SEO industry about content vs. links. Which is better for your website? Should you focus more on content creation or getting/earning links to your page? Ideally, you should be working on both. But if you absolutely had to choose one, which would you choose? To me, start with lots of quality content that will please Google as well as your audience. Once you have enough content, you should focus on link building. Because no one is going to link to your webpage if the product or content is not link-worthy. What's your take?


Såg Kungen
Earning links to your website is extremely hard. I focus on content but don't expect to get links "naturally". Make sure to get the links you can as long as they are relevant or from trusted sites.
You are sort of replying your own question, but I will answer you anyway: I believe it is unacceptable to try to work on SEO for a website that does not allow me to contribute or edit its design, its content, as necessary. It must be part of the deal, else I would rather not get that client. Link-building is one of the core activities in SEO. You cannot work on SEO if you do not have any intention to work in link-building in a reasonably short future. I thing that would be unethical, to say the least.