Confused - "Featured", "Newest" and PH App Product List

Maxwell Davis
1 reply
Is anyone else now getting confused by the Product Lists on the website and on the Mobile App. The App lists products as "Today" and the website "Featured" - they seem to be the same list with the only difference being the "promoted" products - so why not label them the same? I also don't understand why I have to click on the website to see more - just have all of todays products listed! Then I'm also confused by the "Newest" - when you click this option there seem to be a load more Products - what are these? Have they gone through some kind of different process?


Michael Silber
Hey @maxwellcdavis! We are in the process of building up our mobile team to address these inconsistencies between the website and app experience — it's definitely top of mind for us. As for the newest sort, all submissions first start in the Newest feed. Once the product has received significant interest from the community, it will be promoted to the homepage as a featured product. We encourage everyone to explore this feed and upvote products you’d like to see featured.