Collaboration tool for remote co-workers

Gaelle Pitaud
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Which collaboration tool is essential for you to keep updated with projects and teammates while working remotely?


Gregory Rocher
A lot are essential. What about WorkAdventure ;-)
Evgeny Medvednikov
Ok, is my recommendation for data ogranization ;) For tasks/bugs management we love
Gaelle Pitaud
@pallavi_jaisinghani hey! thanks for your comment. Never heard of it, i'll definitely have a look at it :)
Louise Turriff
Hey Gaelle, We use Orbital, it is a customisable, virtual space for remote teams. There are no messy meeting links to manage and you can leave it on all day. It has really contributed to the efficiency of our meetings and communication in general as it feels way more natural than sitting on video calls all day. Plus the space is really engaging and fun to be in. You can take a look below and it's currently free for teams of up to 100 :) If you want me to show you around the space I would love to! You can book a demo with me through my calendly - Hope to hear from you :)
Gaelle Pitaud
@louiseturriff awesome! thans! We actually created a similar tool, WorkAdventure! You may want to have a look to: https://play.staging.workadventu...
If you need to share the iPhone or iPad screen remotely, I suggest to try Duplica (
Jonathan Yan
Hi @gaelle_pitaud ! At oVice, we have created a tool for remote workers to optimize their ability to work with their team and collaborate effectively. We created and provide access to customizable virtual spaces to our users where they can change the layout and make it their own while being able to interact with their peers in their space in real time! You can check us out at to take a look around and see how it works! :)