Cold mails/dms

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As a marketer, what would be your best tip for sending eye-catching cold emails or dms?


Qudsia Ali
The most important thing is to be patient. Don't spam people just because that's what you know how to do. Put yourself in the other person's shoes, and try to see it from their perspective. Your efforts will pay off if you can make your content stick.
Luka Vasic
Go on LinkedIn, search their profile and go through it, look at their posts, something they achieved, talked about... Open the email/dm with that. "Hello {{Name}}, congrats on {{Achievement}}..." or "Hello {{Name}}, I saw that you talked about {{Topic}}..."
Luka Vasic
@briespace If you need help with Ln we can connect at . I post about Ln a lot and how to use it properly for various purposes.
Maya Ben Zid
Personalization will always be key. The more you can make it look like a genuine message you write to that specific recipient (not in bulk), the better your campaign will perform.
Research the person you are trying to reach out to and try to understand their needs
Aphelia T.
DMs, in my opinion. People get so many emails these days, so it's hard to get through and get a response. At least that's the experience with the product [] we have been promoting. Of course, it's good to deduct the product nature when having such bold statements, but so far it looks like social media helps more in cold communications.