Coffee, tea, or something else to get going in the morning? What do you prefer?

Fannie Holt
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Lorenz Sell
Launching soon!
Mostly, I prefer yoga, breathwork, and a glass of water
Pari Pushpakar
I always prefer cold coffee; without it, my morning is not complete.
None. I moved away from having morning tea after I started working out!
Christian Gyenes
No day without Coffee 🤣☕
Harry Burns
I am on dieting. I do not drink coffee or tea
I usually go for tea, but coffee is a close second by garage door. What about you.
Richard Reis
Death Wish Coffee ever since their 2015 Superbowl ad ❤️
Tatyana Deshkevich
Well, I'm definitely a coffee person. Making a cup of coffee in the morning has been sort of a ritual for me. But lately, I've decided to try a different approach. First thing in the morning, I have a glass of chlorophyll water and do a small warm-up workout. It really gets me going. I still keep the coffee though, but I have it after an hour :) Hope this helps!
Sharon Reynolds
I prefer coffee, Usually it's just black coffee, but 2-3 time a week I can have cappuccino or something else
ChatBot World
Absolutely Coffee!:) Double expresso with teaspoon of MCT Oil:)
Gurkaran Singh
I opt for tea in the morning; it's like a warm hug for my brain before it starts processing code like a hungry CPU! How about you - team coffee or part of the tea squad?