ChatGPT failing to respond: Have you experienced that?

Salar Davari
8 replies
For the past two weeks, when using ChatGPT, I constantly receive the message that a respond can't be generated. I have to wait for a few minutes and hit the bottom. Ten minutes latter, the same story. what do you think causes this?


Tanya Sharath
I've noticed this too, especially during peak hours. It could be that the servers are getting overwhelmed. Maybe try using it during off-peak times?
I have, yes. But thankfully, there are a lot of better alternatives out now.
Salar Davari
@vaibhavdwivedi Could share or or two of those alternatives?
Elena Tsemirava
Yeah, I run into this kind of thing a lot too.
Udaya Sri
Yes, I've encountered this too. Refreshing the page or starting a new chat helped me with that.
Gurkaran Singh
Oh, the infamous disappearing act of ChatGPT! It seems like it's taken up magic as a side hustle. Maybe it's just perfecting its disappearing act before dazzling us with its responses!