[ChangeLog] March 25th, 2022 Release Notes

Michael Silber
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We’ve been improving the Maker experience to ensure more high quality products are available each day. To do this, we’re providing makers with more tools to help them launch. Additionally, we’re experimenting with different content and features that can help users understand and contribute to Web3.

  • Find all your products and hunts together We’ve renamed the 'My hunts' tab to 'My products'. Now we include both products you’ve made as well as those you’ve hunted. We’d like for this to be a hub for existing and future maker tools.

  • Launch dashboard We created a new way for makers (and hunters) to manage and celebrate their launches on Product Hunt. When your product goes live, visit My products to find the link to your dashboard. From there, you can see how quickly you’re accumulating upvotes, notable upvoters, where upvoters are located, tools to easily respond to unanswered community comments, and more. In the future, we’ll further expand reporting to help makers understand who they’re attracting to their launch and who ultimately engages.

  • Modernizing Product Hunt We’re continuing to make visual and performance updates across Product Hunt. We’ve most recently released updates to our Jobs and this very Changelog.

  • WAGMI We see more and more web3 projects being submitted to Product Hunt. We think the best way to support the community is by making sure we provide ample resources to help people understand what the space is all about, so we created a new feed focused on Web3 products. We’re using this space to include additional filters and signals, like supported blockchains and Twitter followers. Additionally, we’re partnering with more experts to create Web3 content to help our users DYOR (do your own research).This recent article from David Phelps about scarcity was fantastic.