🎊 Celebrating 100 followers and +200 points on Product Hunt

Arun Pariyar
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πŸ‘‹ Hi Community, As the headline says I am celebrating but I cant start that without saying THANK YOU! to the community here that inspires me to also start journey of building something. I am not there yet still lots to learn but I hope to in the coming months. As a token of thanks to the community I am give my learnings: One Pager | Getting Started Guide to Product Hunt 🐾 πŸ‘‰ https://bit.ly/one-pager-PH I wrote this after my two weeks of being on Product Hunt collecting my experience. It is aimed at those who just joined and want to start getting active as quick as possible. Make a copy and you have a checklist to guide you. I hope this will be helpful to you. Lastly, I want to celebrate by using today to connect with as many of you as I can on Twitter/LinkedIn. So please drop your links and I will be sure to follow and add you. I look forward to it. Here are my links : πŸ‘” https://www.linkedin.com/in/arun... πŸ›Ή https://twitter.com/go_get_arun Let the celebrations begin πŸ₯³


Yuri Lisin
Congrats, Arun, great start πŸš€
Arun Pariyar
Thanks @samir_moussa, you have a new follower on by the way  πŸ˜‰
Congrats ! next step 2OO followers πŸ₯³
Arun Pariyar
Thanks @fares_aktouf, Thats would be the next step indeed πŸš€
Daniel Engels
Congrats. How much time a day do you use to spend on PH?
Arun Pariyar
Hey @daniel_engels I spend around an hour and a bit more when I need to reply πŸ‘
Kazimieras Melaika
Good job! Great efforts in the community and discussion! Keep it going : )
Arun Pariyar
Thanks @kmelaika, glad to receive your comment. I think we have active and helpful community here and I am happy to be part of it. Looking forward to journey ahead :)
Luka Vasic
Congrats man. I also started my PH journey about a month ago. What are some of your future goals for PH? Don't use Twitter, but I create content on Ln: https://www.linkedin.com/in/luka...
Arun Pariyar
Hey @luka_vasic, Hope you are having a good experience. To me at the moment it’s to be part of a community. I have tried several things before actually like slack, discord, reddit But at PH there is a different kind of energy all together. There is something new happening all the time with new products coming in the discussions are engaging and there are a variety of people here unlike other channels that can be very specific. With regards to the future I would like to keep this momentum going while I am growing my skills to make my own product. I am also equally looking forward to working with our team to launch our product here in this platform we are currently in talks but haven’t reached a decision yet. I will be sure to add you on LinkedIn πŸ‘
Tania Kot
Congrats! Amazing results, great job πŸ˜ƒ
Very cool, Arun! Hope to follow along on your journey and share my adventures with you, too.
Arun Pariyar
That would be my pleasure @cortney_nickerson 😊
Yenire leal
Thanks for the info, Arun. I have recently started and what you mention is very useful. You have a new follower.
Arun Pariyar
Glad to hear that @yenire_leal, all the best πŸ‘
Sneha Saigal
Superb work Arun!! Congrats on your patience and perseverance. I am starting to enjoy the idea of community and audience building myself - for my startup and personal goals both. I'd love to stay connected with you!! Twitter: https://twitter.com/saigalsn LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sneh...
Arun Pariyar
It can be rewarding process @sneha_saigal but as you said requires time and patience. My one tip for you is also to remain yourself through the process. All the best and thank you for your kind comments. I will be connect with you on both channels πŸ‘
Sneha Saigal
@arunpariyar Look forward to staying connected!!
Ruben Bennet
Congrates. And thanks for sharing the starting guide
Arun Pariyar
Thanks @ruben_bennet , I hope you find the guide helpful its pretty basic stuff but sometime having all that in one place can be helpful for sure πŸ‘Œ
Bertha Kgokong
Well done, would love to connect too
Arun Pariyar
Sure @berthakgokong please just add me on twitter or linkedin 😊
Danny Hatcher πŸ”Ž
Congratulations! I will be reading this for sure. The community looks great but I need to understand it a bit more πŸ˜…
Arun Pariyar
Hey @dannyhatcher, I see that you have managed to create amazing following in you twitter and youtube. I am sure you will figure it out in no time, without a doubt πŸ‘
Danny Hatcher πŸ”Ž
@arunpariyar The twitter comes from YouTube and most of my followers on here are also from YouTube.
Samyak Tripathi
Woohoo! You are my EverestπŸ˜…
Arun Pariyar
Hey @samyak_tripathi, the guide that i have shared are the exacts steps that I followed, I hope that can help you as well. No matter how high a mountain we climb step at a time, If you need any help always just reach out :)
Evgeniy Yakubovskiy
Congrats ! next step 10OO followers as minimum
Arun Pariyar
Ha ha, @evgeniyyakubovckiy you surely raised the bar here, I will give it my best shot, Thank you for the encouragement πŸ‘