Can you recommend some free courses to learn Digital Marketing?

Maksha Riaz
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What is the best platform to learn digital marketing?


Kaveen Molligoda
I would recommend the Google digital garage. It's very interactive and easy to follow at your own pace. Doing the fundamentals of digital marketing is a great place to start, And you get a certificate at the end. Goodluck! https://learndigital.withgoogle....
Amna Irshad
YouTube is the good platform for the beginners.
Qudsia Ali
The following course by google digital garage is beneficial if you are trying to learn more about digital marketing, and it is free. https://learndigital.withgoogle....
Maksha Riaz
@qudsia_ali Thank you so much for your suggestion. I am going to give it a go.
Mark Leva
Hi, I can recommend a good article that describes what marketing is and talks about its strategies: this is very important, so you should read it
The best platform are books! The second best is getting a mentor. Free courses might not be good enough. To learn online marketing first you need to write for the web. That is the starting point for everyone.
boss pak
yes you can easily learn basic Digital marketing skills from if you clear their pro test after getting free lectures they will give you support portal for 2 months free of cost their for i will recommend to avail this opportunity.