Can you predict the future? (of course in technology, finance and business domain)

Ranvijay Singh
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Everyone has a say. What does the future look like to you by 2030, 2040, 2050?


Jacek Wójcik
I'm sure that we will start to use much more augmentation than now, mainly to allow everybody to has the same chances (nowadays there are many people who lost their limbs during accidents, terrorist attacks or wars, and there will be much more of them in the future). Why do I think so? 3D printing is already cheap, but first of all it will get even cheaper by research and second-hand market, and second of all we have tons of plastic waste to melt (and I'm confident that we will figure out how to make plastic waste printable). With affordable 3D printing we can make cheaply almost every prothesis that we need, and using some servos (or newer technology) we can make those prothesis to act as normal hand or leg. Of course, we won't look like Adam Jensen from Deus Ex game universe, but in my opinion in 2040 there will be much more augmented people than now, especially in poorer countries, where 3D printing is just starting out and they are housing tons of plastic waste (e.g. some African countries). Let me know if you think the same :)
Personalized medicine using nanotechnology. Customized babies through gene editing. More years added to life expectancy. Ability to interface with the brain and make a copy of them; Elan Musk is working on this subject to make this a reality. Imagine the implications of such advances, both at the personal and collectively as a society. And the impact it will have on technology, finance, and business as we know it today.
Balaji K7
Launching soon!
Integrating Chat GPT on their platform...