Can you build an app without coding?

Manish Nepal
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How? I have an app idea I'd want to build, but I'm not a developer. I know there are no-code platforms like Bubble. My question is—can it help non-tech people like me build fully-functional software?


Qudsia Ali
Hi Manish. Yes you can built an app you have an idea for without knowing how to code. I believe there are such platforms for this purpose. However, you need to search and find these platforms by yourself. Good luck with the idea though!
Nana Appiah
Hi Manish. sure, because of technology everything is possible. There are many platforms to do that, and i can suggest flexberry designer. You can search for it and incase you need some help with it i can explain how to use it.
Dalibor Houfek
Hi @manish_nepal if you are interested I can help you with your app using our low-code platform. You can reach me via email
Yes you can, but searching for template or code at github or google
Vanshika Chaturvedi
I think I got an idea about what you need. There is an app called Adobe XD. It lets you design the entire interface of the app with very little technical knowledge. You can choose how it looks, how the buttons respond, and so on! Once you have the prototype and the design ready, you can ask for any coder to code it for you! This way you have DESIGNED the app, without CODING!
Dominik Keller
Hi Manish, yes, you can build apps without coding. But (there's always a but) it really depends on what YOUR app is. I work for a low-code company, and my recommendation is to take the time and map out what you want to build. And then select the right tool for it by reading up on solutions (through their forums, docs, etc.) Best Dom
Hi Manish, Do you want to build a webapp or app (iOS/Android)? You can check on my platform: to find various tools based on your needs. Recommendation: look at all their features, plan for what it is you want to build MVP + next year's plan. Then see which tool would fulfill most of your plan and experiments and choose that one. Feel free to leave a review on our platform to help the community too! :)
Marilyn Plummer
Hi) Yes, you can create. I did it with the help of
Gaurav Jain
Hey! I understand your problem. Yes! I have a solution for you. We have an app ready-made app builder that helps you to create an app without coding. Check it out here: Hope this helps you. Thank you.
Pritam Kumar
I am little late in replying, You can create App without coding experience but on the while you are making your App via NoCode platform you will encounter some of the instances where you need to understand some of the Coding which can be again fulfilled by the searching in google or Code forums. It also depends upon the type of the software you are creating.
Juliana Meyer
Hi Manish - yes you can build an app with no code with SupaPass: - I'd love to know what you think of it, and we can chat.