Can't find interviewees.

Watanabe Naoki
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Hi. I had many articles I want to read but didn't had a time. So I decided to consume them while running by converting them into podcasts. Now I wonder if anybody else also needs it and pay for it (My assumption: audiobook and podcast listeners might pay). My first plan was to get a paying customer and interview them to understand them. So I made a LP and started facebook ads. However, I'm struggling to get a paying customer. Eventually, I've been not talking to people and not learning. That's not good. My second plan: I find people who want to listen to web articles and interview them via video call, but I have no idea where I can find them. How would you do if you were in my shoes? Thank you.


Rucha Joshi
This is actually a pretty neat solution and beta users can help. you get paid conversions. Have you tried asking on slack communities or subreddits ? You can even consider reaching out to writers who want to convert their articles into audio format as a new user segment.
Watanabe Naoki
@rucha_joshi8 Yeah I posted on several communities. I'l keep doing. Thank you so much. I'll take it into consideration.
Ari Bencuya
Random thought: Any article you convert to content is new content. Use it as content marketing. Tweet/Linkedin Post/Instagram links to the podcast versions of the articles you're listening to. Let people download these for free, but ask for an email address. Whenever someone downloads more than one article, reach out to interview them. Figure out how they found the product. Ask how long they've been searching for this type of solution. Ask them their ideal use cases. See if they pay for pocket/evernote/notion or any other clip saving solution. Then build a product you can have them pay for.
Alina Ihnatiuk
Hey! I will share with you a link to the blog, maybe you will find answers for yourself :)
You might want to consider any copyright issues you might have here as if I'm correct in thinking these articles aren't your content and reproducing them without permission could lend you in some hot water - I would check
Karl Hennings
You can find people with similar interests anywhere. Try looking on Funchatt and there are quite a lot of people there and they are all very sociable. First, write to them and find out if they are interested in the service. If so you can proceed with the video call interview. There are all kinds of people sitting there. So I think it will not be difficult to find exactly those who suit you.
Watanabe Naoki
@karl_hennings Hi. Thank you for the comment. I've joined Funchatt now. ...isn't it a dating site? I see only beautiful Colombian girls. what the hell...