Can anyone recommend email verification tools?

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I think it’s time I clean my mailing list. My bounce rate has significantly increased. What email verification tools can I use? Are they enough so that clients only use valid email addresses upon signup?


Victor Oleynik
I recently started using this email verification tool https://emailverification.whoisx... and I’m quite satisfied so far. I’ve set my website up to alert new users if they type in an email address that doesn’t use the correct syntax or doesn’t have an existing mail server and mailbox. That way email addresses that make their way into my mailing list are valid and existing. And more importantly, email verification helps ensure that clients can receive my emails. Aside from using the API, I also sometimes use the lookup tool to manually check if new clients enter the correct and existing email addresses.
Omar Laoudai
I would suggest, for future email building list as it provides you with validated emails through embedded email verification
You can try with 1,000 credits free trial
Tom Sawer
Cleaning your mailing list is a great idea to improve your email marketing efforts. There are several reliable email verification tools available that can help you with this task. They not only identify invalid email addresses but also ensure your clients use valid ones during signup. You might want to explore email finder tools. These tools can verify email addresses for deliverability, check for typos, and even provide insights into the quality of email addresses on your list. By using such tools, you can enhance the effectiveness of your email campaigns and reduce bounce rates.