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Do you think it's even worth it to put cameras in the office that you can control online and monitor your employees to make sure they're working properly?


Graeme O’Connor
I really think that will destroy the culture of your company, installing a lack of trust. Employees will find out and may even leave because of this. Also how would you define what is working properly vs not? Them being glued to their screens all the time and not talking to their colleagues will make it an unpleasant place to work, and limit exchange of ideas and help. It's much fairer and better to measure the impact of individuals by what they produce / the results they bring.
Bogomil Shopov - Бого
It's illegal in some countries. Don't do it. Respect your people!
The fact that our product is not yet well known vs the production and time-saving capabilities it can bring to various companies. Even though it’s a vicious circle to think about it outside of work, I’m still wondering what I haven’t done yet to make us take off as part of the competition.
Elena Cirera
It depends on the type of your workforce. There is no need to place cameras in the offices for white-collar employees. You can easily monitor their progress through reports etc. Yes, it is worth putting cameras in your workplace for blue-collar employees to monitor their activities.
Tipton Konecneyson
Security and photography cameras are very necessary for us to manage our work.There are number cameras available in market but you can choose according to your choice and this source will help you in choosing the best one.
Alexia Gold
It depends on a business you run. Many banks and healthcare companies use such security systems.
Nick Bess
@alexia_gold It's true. The healthcare sector uses virtual ONVIF IP camera software for workplace monitoring It is designed to monitor various activities, offering a comprehensive view of operations. Moreover, this software offers a cost-effective alternative to other expensive systems.