Burnout as a Maker vs. Burnout as an Employee

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people who have experienced both, what fundamental differences were there in the cause and solution for both situations ? What tips would you give others to prevent or overcome such scenarios ?


LaLa Artica
Honestly, I haven't had Maker burnout, my Maker side is what keeps me from having Employee Burnout. The later is very ugly, you don't have any strength or energy and just want to lay down and give up. BUT you have to keep going because of the financial dependency. Yeah, Maker life keeps me going to break free.
very true @mobilemediamania . The freedom of the maker life can often help to act as a way to unwind from the restricted and monotonous employee phase.
Qudsia Ali
I think it's clear that as makers, we are far less likely to suffer from job burnout. We have a lot more freedom in what we do than employees, and chances are that what we're doing would be too boring or mundane if it was simply assigned to us. That's not to say, though, that burnout can't happen to makers. It's just that if you're tired of making things and you have other employment options, then it wouldn't make much sense to become a maker in the first place. After all, isn't freedom why we choose to be makers in the first place? The point is this: whether you are a creating outside of work, or inside of work, take care to take breaks often.
Good point @qudsia_ali . Sometimes makers take on more than they can handle and set tight deadlines. This often leads to a loop of stress. But, like you said, if you truly enjoy what you are doing, it will hopefully be more of excitement than tensions