Building a startup without investors?

Atakan Goktepe
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I’m building a SaaS product ( w/ 4 friends and currently all of us employed by tech companies. We all know how the tech industry works, what we should focus while building the product & we all made micro-products, but we can’t decide about investment. Here is the list of pros and cons and I’d like to hear more from you guys. ***Pros*** * We have complete control of our destiny. * We have the freedom to quickly change path as needed. * When there is little money, we will find most cost-effective solutions. * No stress from investors. * Without investors we will learn how to manage a company slowly while it’s growing ***Cons*** * The risk of losing business and personal assets. * We can use their network to grow quickly. * We can hire more people to make product bigger * We can put more budget to marketing And I’d like to hear more real-life stories from founders. Thanks!


Software developer
Hi Atakan, First of all, slow is not a good thing for a startup. You should go fast and break things to build better. Time is more valuable asset than money, especially when founders are also investors. Investors are not always stress makers. If you find right one, you might have mentor as well. Business administration might be energy consuming for a tech backed person. This also affects your ability to create something better. You can always go for crowdfunding, please check It might suit your startup better than a VC or investor. Hope you’ll find your path and reach success!